Snowsport Shops Inventory Control Instructions

There are many 1000's of item checked into the Newport inventory on Thursday and Friday. In order to protect the investment of the individuals and ski/snowboard shops, the following inventory management practices must be met:

  1. Ski/Snowboard Shops - Check-in on your prearranged time. Submit your time preference and expected inventory on the shop registration form.  The time will be confirmed. Drop-off from the South side bus turn-around for hard goods and on the Northwest side by the little gym for soft goods. You can only get in south bus turn-around by going west (turn right from Factoria Blvd) on Coal Creek Parkway. There will be no customer parking in the turn-around. Trucks can be parked in any of the lots over night.

  2. Inventory Condition / Cost
    We need a wide variety of equipment, both in terms of condition and cost to satisfy our customer set. Individual contributors provide enough low end gear/cost to generally meet that need. Large quantities of low value (low price, poor condition, rental gear) may be refused.

  3. Inventory Check-In/Out
    We allow Shops, with a good reputation and prior consent, to bring in inventory. Shops do not use Newport Ski Swap inventory tags or forms, you supply your own tags. We do not check shop gear in or out. This is easiest and quickest way to get inventory into and out of the swap, both for the Swap and for the Shop. For your payment, we scan inventory tags from the items sold, sort them by supplier, item type, and cost and pay based on the tags collected.

    Check In/Out is basically just moving the gear from/to your vehicle. Please group like items to make moving the gear more efficient. Swap Volunteers will assist moving and setting up the inventory.

  4. Note: Provide an 2 inventory tags upon check-in to positively identify your tags. The inventory tags used must CLEARLY identify the Store Name (or something UNIQUE). This helps us quickly find you if the bar code can not be read. If the item has your Store's name on it, the customer also will likely come to you for follow-on services.

  5. Inventory Tag Attachment
    We have to reconnect several hundred tags to items each year. This is a HUGE problem for us and causes inventory errors which may cost you and us sales and income! Please use solid fastening materials and heavy inventory tags!! Also check-in with the Help/Problems desk to introduce your crew and identify the types of gear that you brought.

    We may also refuse inventory if it is obvious that we are going to have problems either identifying who the tags belong to or with tags that are of low quality or not properly attached.

  6. Boots: Fasten securely the inventory tag to the boot. Connect the boots together with string long enough to walk with both boots on. Every year people call me after the swap with different size boots!!!

    Secure both poles together with tape, rubber bands, etc. Attach the inventory tags securely around one or both poles.

    Tape (wide plastic tape) the inventory tag on the front end of a ski/snowboard. Put a wide rubber band on each end of the skis. Do not tape skis together!  Do not put inventory tag on the plastic wrap around skis or boards!

    Clothing / Misc.:
    Securely fasten the tag to the item. Use heavy tags or tape the fastener to the inventory tag to ensure it doesn't tear off during transportation or during the sale. The tag must be attached securely to the item even if the item is in a bag or box. People WILL remove it from the bag and the tag WILL be lost making the item unsaleable.