The 2010 swap was another rousing success thanks to a lot of individuals and shops.

We brought in a bit more gear from snow sports shops this year but had the approximately the same number, 3100 as last year from individuals for a total of about 11,000 items. We did more advertising this year but the serendipity of snow falling and ski areas opening was great advertising as well. In addition, Newport's own Cynthia Flash of Flash Media Services did our Internet advertising. With the impact of our still weak economy causing more people to look for better deals, the weather and additional advertising, over 3,000 people attended the swap Friday night between 4:30 (we opened a little early) and closing, 9:15-ish. On Saturday, we also had over 3,000 people attend, together giving us a few less than attended last year.

Friday evening was totally crazy with nearly 5 hours of madness while Saturday was smooth sailing with the same number of customers but over a 10 hour time frame so had nice pace providing more time for individual customer care. Some the individual gear coming in late Friday evening doesn't get out until Saturday morning. There was still many fabulous bargains available right up to closing. We probably still had 2000-3000 inventory items (more than the average swap) as we were closing.

We sold over $357,000 this year. The average buy was higher than last year but with fewer customers so we ended down about 3% from last year. Well over 50% over the individual gear was sold and another 15% donated so isn't ending up in a landfill. The donated clothing items will serve Seattle's poor and homeless residents. The PTSA net profit after expenses is about 15% so should be around $55,000 when all of the accounting is done. The profit will be given as grants to teachers in need of equipment or materials to better serve their students.

Every year, I see a few issues but am amazed that we do a reasonably good job and put on an incredible, 1 night, 1 day sale with an all volunteer, high school based organization. We had over 150 people working at the peak on Friday night to make this a good experience for buyers and sellers and volunteers. Thanks again everyone for the hard work, dedication and patience that it takes to pull this off. It all contributes to making Newport a better place to get an education. It also gets people out of their hectic day to day activities into a bit of fun and sanity improvement time with friends and family in the incredible beauty of Northwest winter in the mountains.


Don Meyer,
Newport High PTSA
Swap Chair

Here are some Swap Stats from 1986 to 2010.

I've been associated with the swap for 20 of it's 25 years at Newport. It also had 7 prior years at Tyee Middle School so it could be said to be in its 32nd year. I accumulated a lot of information over the years but needed to extrapolate a bit from what I know to fill in those years when I did not have good information.